Military War Tycoon | inf ammo, fast fire rate, gun mod and more!



Inf ammo on Supported weapons

Really fast fire rate on Supported weapons

Change the bullets to fire at once on Supported weapons

Change Zoom level when aiming on Supported weapons

Inf Jump (Disabled anti bunny hop and set jump cd to 0)

Prone is enabled (Double press C to prone, Press x to go to crouch/stand)

Sliding is enabled (Kind of works not sure whats wrong with it, LShft + C)

Auto claim cash

Change crouch/walk speed

Toggle fire mode (Full Auto, Semi, Burst)

Knife has inf hit range

No gun recoil on Supported weapons

Damage Multiplier is set to over 100000 (Forgot if this does anything ngl)

Enabled building (Right alt should make it work, if not the dev fully removed it.)

Tracers Enabled on supported weapons

Centre Dot enabled on Supported weapons (Pretty much ACS’s Crosshair

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or any executable files, you're just here for the script!

✔️ Any Patched/Broken Script Can Be Reported To French Dog#6704 In Discord For Removal