Prtty Much Evry Bordr Gam Evr CARGO AUTO FARM – FAST MONEY!

Created by Synapsium#3992


  • You need $50 before executing, as that’s how much cargo costs (once the farm gets cargo and sells it you’ll have enough for more, if you didn’t then the farm wouldn’t even be profitable!)
  • Select a team before executing (too lazy to automate team selection)
  • The script is open-source (as all of my other scripts are, here’s the source btw if you wanna see my shit code) and there are comments to help with understanding the code.
  • When you execute the script and the UI pops up, around 3 seconds later your total will go to -$50. It is because of the $50 dollar cost for cargo, and 10 seconds after your total should be positive.
  • When the script buys cargo, it waits around 10 seconds before going and selling it, because if it attempted to sell any quicker than that the game won’t let it.
  • The script teleports you to the sellers in order to buy/sell cargo, but you are put inside of the ground so you can’t be seen, however players can see your money go up rapidly in Tab list.
  • For the above reason, you should do this in a small server. (VIP servers don’t save coins)
getgenv().on = not on -- So you can just execute to toggle rather than needing to change getgenv().on before execution

loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))() -- The actual script. Source:

⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or any executable files, you're just here for the script!

✔️ Any Patched/Broken Script Can Be Reported To French Dog#6704 In Discord For Removal